Tarzanne – theatre production with Interplay Theatre, directed by Steve Byrne, Spring and summer 2017

Currently performing in a national tour of Tarzanne with sensory theatre company Interplay based in Leeds. This production directed by Steve Byrne has been partly devised by the company with the music created by the ensamble. I play the part of Elizabeth as well as mother chimpansee Alice and musician singing and playing the violin.


I Do – short film directed by Simon Knight by MediaHound Films

In this short film I playone of the leading roles, Ella. A story about love and betrayal currently in post-production.

The Establishment – Division 9 – feature film project for 2016/2017

Coming up feature film project in which I have been cast in the role of Rosanna and will be acting opposite Jamie Lomas.

James and the Giant Peach – Novus Theatre directed by Sam Turton, July 2016

In the Bedford University theatre I had the privilege to perform with a great cast the roles of Aunt Spiker and Miss Spider. Besides performing I also lead workshops to school children who came to watch.

The Walls of Madness A short film written and directed by Justine Llorca, February 2016

In this film I will be playing the lead role of 20 year old Ophelia who struggles with her mother’s mental illness and reality.


Borderland Red Room productions, directed by Mary Steadman, January 2016

Red Room’s Productions, a new devised movement based (research and development) performance inspired by the short novel ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and photos by Francesca woodman. This project, funded by the ACE, has been performed in Bath in January 2016 and we are hoping to develop it en tour it in the near future.

Lunch Bites Oxford Playhouse, September 2015

An event of six short-plays; collaboration between the Oxford new writing group and the Oxford Playhouse where I performed the role of Candy in Mark Ralph-Bowman’s play called ‘Natural selection’. A play where two women in charge of holding interviews are taking advantage of their male interviewee, a reverse situation from the one we are more familiar with where men objectify women.

Fantastic Mr Fox summer production Novus Theatre, direct by Sam Turton, July/August 2015

After a successful show week in December I returned to the role of Small fox, Small badger and this time I also used my puppetry skills and took on the role of Rat. Besides performing for the general public we also performed and did workshops with Level Trust, a Luton based charity that works with children from poor backgrounds.

Ribbons short film by UnGnome productions, July 2015

This short film, that is in editing at the moment, was shot in July in and around Abingdon. Directed and written by Adam O’Hire I performed the role of Amber, a military women fighting for her elegance in an alternative world from Earth, whilst a deadly virus is an invisible enemy.


Oxford Playwrights Short Play Festival, June 2015

This festival had the theme ‘Forbidden love’, for which the writers of the Oxford writers group wrote specific pieces and a few selected where then performed at The Garden Theatre in Oxford in June 2015. I got involved with this festival through a call for actresses for Catherine Comfort’s play ‘On the Shelf’. I performed the role of Ginnie together with Ruth Wallice-Bowman who played Maddie. One role let to the next and I also played the part of Hermione in Gwilym Scourfield’s ‘The Myth in the Machine … (Thorry!)’ which I performed together with Marcus Davis-Orrom. This is play a short comedy taking place in 2030 in which my character pretends to be a robot to try and find out if her ex still loves her. At the Oxford Boathouse Short Plays Event a few weeks later I also took on the role of Samantha in Doc Ander-blossom her play ‘Grief Bacon’. A play about excessively overeating when in an emotional situation.

Story Friday Goes Swimming with Kelton Theatre, May 2015

Together with three other actresses Elsbeth performed at this event as part of an ensemble performing the role of Ghost. This very physical devised theatre piece was part of the outdoor site-specific story telling event in the Cleveland Pool in Bath.

Rehearsed readings new writing StageWrite, March 2015

Elsbeth performed in two rehearsed readings during the StageWrite production week in Bedford. She performed the part of Chelsea Primrose in the play Up-Your-Prana written by Julia Howe, directed by Andy Meddock and the part of Carol in the play Domino written by Laura Bacon and directed by Phil Mardlin.

Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox with Novus Theatre, directed by Sam Turton, December 2014

Performed at the Sharnbrook Mill Theatre in December 2014, this version of Fantastic Mr Fox included puppetry. Directed by Sam Turton and produced by Simon. A children show telling the story from Rohal Dalls Fantastic Mr fox, with farmers Buggis Bunce and Bean, Badger and of course the Fox Family. Elsbeth performed the part of Small Fox, and energetic child fox. More information is on:

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book , directed by Poppy Marples. Performed at the Egg Theatre in Bath May 2014

This highly physical and energetic production of The Junge Book performed at the Egg Theatre in Bath included live music, sang and dance performed by a multi-rolling cast. Elsbeth performed the characters of Akela, the leader of the wolves, a very powerful character, Luna the monkey, a hyper crazy teenage monkey and a slightly stupid Hunter. In this very physical show she also played the violin as part of the music in the show which was created through improvisation from scratch with the ensemble. The show was well received and the theatre was sold out for all performances.

The Bloody Square devised by Concadia and directed by Rew Lowe, toured January-March 2014

A fully devised theatre show based on the story of school girl and award winning Malala. Through improvisation, clowning and games the Concadia company excisiting of 7 girls and 1 boy created a different world in which they created awareness for teenage school pupils of the priviliges of being a blend to go to school. This show was toured around schools in and around Bristol and Bath and was well revived by both students and teachers. This heavily ensemble based play meant that everyone multi-roled. Elsbeth played the part of Mother, Sofie and under minister.
The Bloody Square

Short film

Elsbeth performed the part of Professor in the short film HIVE directed by Nick Toop. She also performed several parts in a shortfilm course in Amsterdam. Besides acting she also gained experience behind the camera, filming two short films during her time at Bath Spa University called Wild and and HumDrum (director of photography).