Born in Amsterdam The Netherlands, Elsbeth left her home country to study Performing Arts in the UK in 2008. She graduated with a first class honours degree in Acting from Bath Spa University School of Music and Preforming arts in 2014. She is an around performer, theatre maker and musician experienced in devising theatre as well as text based plays and (short) film. Her most recent projects involve devised theatre and productions for children and teenagers such as The Bloody Square with Concadia Theatre and The Jungle Book with Bath Spa Live.

Elsbeth developed her love for performing from a very young age. Her first shows included street theatre performances with her brother and resulted in being scouted for the Clowns Festival in Amsterdam where they performed in 1994. Going on from there she also started playing the violin and joined the Youth Orchestra of Amsterdam. Besides playing the violin she is a mezzo soprano, was a member of a show choir and later developed an interest in jazz singing as well. In her teens she joined the Youth Theatre School of Amsterdam and followed the National Orientation Course of Drama Schools there as well.
Her first big stage production was a Youth Production of Theatre Group Amsterdam in 2004/2005 where she played the part of Marianne in an adaptation of Scenes of a Marriage from Ingmar Bergman called ‘Vadertje en Moedertje Spelen’ (Playing Mummy and Daddy). This was performed in the Amsterdam City Theatre and directed by Leon Voorberg, Janni Goslinga and Sara Boonman. This experience made Elsbeth even more sure and determined of pursuing a career in acting.

However, before she put everything on acting she decided to try out studies of ‘Communication Management’ and although enjoying the journalism aspect she soon realized that was not a career for her. She saved up and made a radical choice to do what she always wanted to do, move to the UK to study Acting. She started a Betc Performing Arts course in Oxford in 2008. Here she developed an interest for devised theatre and Commedia dell’ Arte Characters. Performing Spavento the Captain was one of the highlights during the course in a show of ‘The Red Hat’ and she continued to play many male parts after. Travelling abroad with the showing of ‘The Canterbury Tales’ for an Italian audience stimulated her love for performing to non-native audiences and to experiment with gibberish languages to create meaning cross-borders. This is something that was also heavily used in the show ‘The Bloody Square’.
Elsbeth performing with her brotherElsbeth and her brother
Doing the Orientation Course for the Mime School in Amsterdam (not pantomime) by Karina Holla, the founder of the mime in the Netherlands, was another big step in developing physical theatre skills which she took with her when she started her studies at Bath Spa University School for Music and Performing arts and now uses in her work as a professional actress.